The last stretch of the Baja!

Epoch docked in Puerto Los Cabos

Our cruise from Magdalena Bay to San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Los Cabos was another overnight cruise down the last part of the Baja. We traveled with four of our Taco Runners, Igloo, Audrea May, Red Rover, Partida and Pairadice, a Selene MV we met in Magdalena Bay. Our entry to San Jose del Cabo was spectacular! Kevin, on Red Rover tossed his drone up and took a video of the group in formation! Although in the video we don’t appear very close together, on the water I thought we were very close (I could see the whites of Alison’s eyes at the helm of Red Rover!) We all radio communicated abort plans if something went amiss. Epoch was to peel off to port.  To see the photo, take a look at

Our stay in Puerto Los Cabos was shorter than planned because of a storm predicted to be coming from the south.  Partida left for La Cruz the day after we arrived. We left with Red Rover for Puerto Vallarta two days later. Our visit to Puerto Los Cabos was enjoyable, our last weekend with Igloo and Audrea May for a while. We will truly miss Shannon, Jeff, Alec and Lisa!

Alison, Kevin with Max, Jeff, Shannon and Zoe. And another puppy that played with Zoe.

We all went to Flora Farms one evening. Flora Farms is a 25-acre organic working farm in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. The location was beautiful and the farm was beautiful! Flora Farms has a Field Kitchen, Farm Bar, Grocery, and Culinary Cottages & The Haylofts which are hand-built straw-bale luxury homes for the culinary-inclined.  Our cocktails and dinner were spectacular.  We would have liked to tour the luxury homes, but our time that evening was limited.

Flora Farms – We were greeted by Nicki Garvies, from Gig Harbor, WA. Small world, eh?
Flora Farms
Andres and “Skinny” were serving up the masterpiece cocktails!
Beautiful produce
The whole gang at Flora Farms for dinner

Sunday was football day! The Seahawks (for Alison and Kevin), the Steelers (for Jeff and Shannon) and the Browns (for me, of course). We traveled to a Sports bar in District X by Uber and gosh, didn’t they have a television for each of the games! Pick your team!  We had hot wings and sliders, the all-American Football tailgate stuff!!  Yum!

Fans all lined up on one side of the table…..
………to watch the TV screens on the other side!

The marina had about 240 slips. They offered a water-taxi to get around the marina which you contacted by VHS radio. Scott and I had a laugh one afternoon when we requested a water taxi to get to the Marina Office. As we traveled in the taxi to the office, there in the water, sunning itself, was a barracuda.  The taxi operator gaffed the barracuda in route to the office, yelling Ceviche! Ceviche! He was quite pleased with his catch!


So, about 850 Baja nautical miles! Well done Taco Runners! It was a blast!!

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